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Comic Con & Meeting James Marsters

So. I went to Glasgow Film and Comic Con. If you know me in real life (and i might’ve mentioned it on my youtube channel a bit) you’ll know I was talking about how excited I was for this for a long time. I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it’s one of my favourite TV shows, and when I saw that James Marsters (Spike) was coming to Glasgow Film and Comic Con, I really wanted to go and meet him. It wasn’t the most ideal situation, leaving at 5:30pm from Newcastle in the car and hoping to get there for tea. The traffic was really bad, and it was getting later. We decided to stop at a Pizza Hut literally half an hour away from home because we were starving, and then set out to Glasgow. It was late when we got there, and dark – about 9pm. But we got into the hotel alright and the next morning I was super excited to meet James. I was ‘cosplaying’ (dressing up) as Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer – my dad had even made her knife, and drawn her tattoo on my arm.

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It was amazing at Comic Con. We got in early and had a good look around all of the stalls, which I felt myself wanting something off every one when we went past. And then I went to my booked photo session with James, which was awesome. There’s a video of the moment in my youtube video later in this post.

2016-08-20-18-49-07And then, we went upstairs to the autograph tables – where we saw lots of famous faces, including the guy who played Darth Maul in Star Wars, and also the guy who played Chewbacca in Star Wars. But I was there to see James, so we waited in a short queue and then I met him. We talked for longer than most people who had been to the table, and the video is in my youtube video (linked at bottom of this post).

2016-08-20-21-18-20Of course, I got my signed pic.┬áThen, we looked around the stalls again, and I bought a few things: a Faith figurine, and 2 signed photos – one of Laura Prepon and the other of Natasha Lyonne.

2016-08-20-18-59-00 2016-08-20-18-59-40I was actually crying when I found out that the lovely man at one of the autograph stalls had signed photos of the Orange is the New Black cast. Like, the whole day was just so amazing. But then we had to come home. So it was sleeping in the back of a cramped car again, and reminiscing on the memories that had happened just a few hours earlier. I had such an amazing time, and if one of your favourite people ever comes to a convention like this – I recommend going, it’s so chilled and nice, and you get to meet your faves without the hassle. And even though the stalls are a bit expensive, you can get some really good items that you can’t get anywhere else (especially the autographs). Below is the YouTube video that I made/took while I was on this trip. Watch it if you want me fooling around in Glasgow and the footage of me meeting James. Please give it a like, it would mean a lot. :)