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The 1975 (15/11/15)

As said in the other post, this concert was absolutely amazing and all of the songs were so great live. Here are some of the videos I took (via my youtube channel), and they’re really good because at the time, these were new songs, and the crowd didn’t know the words yet. So enjoy close-up live versions of A Change of Heart, She’s American and Somebody Else – where you can only hear the music and Matty singing. :)


The 1975 & Meeting Matty, George, John and Ratboy

I’d been waiting for this day for a LONG time, because The 1975 are my favourite band, and this was my first time seeing them (as nobody ever seems to come to Newcastle. And, I was determined to ‘camp out’ all day just so that I could get really close to the front when we went in. We got there at about 8 in the morning, even though the concert didn’t start until 7:30 at night. We were about 7th in the queue, and spent the day on camping chairs, wrapped up in blankets with the same songs playing in my earphones, and watching movies like ‘Frozen’ on my IPod just to pass time. I went for various walks, to use the toilet of the nearest Starbucks, and just to walk around the back of the venue where the tour buses were, to maybe catch a glimpse of the band. And one time, at 11am, just that happened. John (The 1975’s saxophone player) was unloading things out of the back of the bus, along with their photographer Adam. I went over and got this photo with him, he was a super nice person.

img_0991Then me and my dad turned and walked back up the street, when I just happened to turn back and I saw George Daniel (The 1975’s drummer) standing at the stage doors! We were the only ones in the street, so we walked over to say hi. He was so tall just as I’d expected aha, and he was so nice even though I was shaking so much. We took this photo.


Then as time ticked on, I got more and more nervous. I’d only eaten half of a Subway sandwich for lunch, and my stomach was doing backflips. As it was getting darker, we’d taken to going to a pub just down the road to use their toilet, which I’d been doing a lot, since I was nervous. One time, I was in such a fluster, that I tripped up the pub stairs and bruised all of my shins. GREAT. It was early in the afternoon when my Mam got a phone call from my Grandma saying that she’s arranged for me to meet Matty Healy (The 1975’s frontman) after the show, as her friend is best friends with Matty’s auntie. At this point, I completely lost it – I didn’t eat the McDonald’s that I got for my tea, I felt sick, and I’d gone to the toilet about 10 more times. I even nearly started crying in the queue and a girl had to ask if I was alright – but this was a big deal, I’d wanted to meet him for ages and I loved him, this was a dream come true. We were still in the queue, and at about 6pm, news spread down the line that Ratboy was round the back of the building. I’d never listened to any of his songs, even though I knew they were the support act. But I wasn’t passing up an opportunity, so I went around the back of the venue and met him. He was really nice, even if he did look a bit scared when I gave him a hug. Lol.


img_0997Then. About an hour later, the time finally came, and we went into the concert. I ended up at ‘barrier’ just behind a couple of girls. The show was amazing, I’ll be making a separate blog post about it, so go and find that if you want to see concert videos/photos. However the whole time I was watching the show, all I was thinking about was how I KNEW I was meeting Matty afterwards. It was confirmed, it was real. I was looking at him, dancing and flailing his arms around as he sang my favourite songs just 3 metres away from me. And the whole time all I could think about was how me, out of all of these people is going to meet him. After the show, we frantically called Debbie’s (Matty’s auntie) mobile, to meet up with her in the bar. She was so nice, and gave me a signed photo of Matty that she’d had done before the show. We talked for a while, and then she left us to go and say hi the rest of Matty’s family show were at the bar (including his dad and grandad). John was also standing there, and we talked to him again. He told me how he remembered me from earlier, and how I was “one of the nicest fans” because I didn’t throw myself at him when I met him. Then Matty came out, and made his way over after talking to his family first. Debbie brought him over to us, and we hugged, and chatted, then we took various photos and he signed my phone case. Then, he complimented my rectangle necklace and held it in his hand, then kissed my cheek and we hugged again. See photos below, they’re dark but I’m pretty sure you can still see them.img_1130 img_1511 img_1512 img_1514 img_1517 img_3349 img_3350



Also there was 2 videos taken, but it won’t allow me to upload them, so here are some screenshots:

screen-shot-2015-11-16-at-20-25-23-copy screen-shot-2015-11-16-at-20-27-19-copy screen-shot-2015-11-16-at-20-30-36-copy screen-shot-2015-11-16-at-20-31-25-copy screen-shot-2015-11-16-at-20-33-43-copyOverall, it was just an amazing day/night. Even if I was totally tired the next day, and fangirling at school about what had just happened, lol. I made a YouTube video on this too, although it is my first video on my channel so it’s a bit cringe to look back on… glad I’ve improved lol. Watch it here: