Meeting PewDiePie

On 24/10/15 (which was also his birthday) I met Pewdiepie. I’ve been watching his videos for about 4 years now and I’m incredibly happy to have met him. It’s so weird to see someone that you’ve only ever seen on a screen, in real life. He was so nice (even though I only saw him for 2 minutes and met him for about 30 seconds) and and looked genuinely surprised when we were all shouting the happy birthday song as he came out. So, standing in a scrunched up queue for 2+ hours was well worth it to meet one of my favourite Youtubers. :)


And then after a few days I CAME HOME TO THIS! His vlog from the book tour! Watch from 2:40 and I’m in it at around 2:42 AND THE CAMERA SLOWS DOWN ON OUR SELFIE! I was literally screaming when I watched this and I thought I was going to explode :) lol this is my achievement of the year, being in one of my favourite YouTuber’s videos!! AHH!



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